I know I am not the only one when I say what a potent and in-your-face energy this new year has thrown at us so far. I can’t help but feel that as we near the end of the astrological calendar, 2024 has a strong “Ready or Not” vibe. I have been noticing and therefore working on and implementing some practices around some common themes I have had since returning from India last fall. These reoccurring themes are resilience, shifting/changing my perspectives and thought patterns, acceptance/surrender and letting go. I know you can find these on almost every horoscope, energy healer’s site or motivational quote, but these are really ringing true for me as of late.

Last fall I went to India for my RYT 300hr yoga training. The training was a 4 week course but I extended my trip by a few more days because I knew what was waiting for me once I left. I wanted to stay and relish in this new found peace and ‘simple’ life. My brain fog was gone, and I felt so light. I was able to get into some yoga poses I had never been able to and my body was the most open it had been in a long time. I was able to disconnect from my ‘real life.’ Since returning home I have had to really lean on these lessons to help reintegrate into the life I momentarily (and eagerly) left behind. The process has been challenging to say the least.

However, this brings me to today. As I write my first ever blog, and as I build my business, I sit here with some renewed hope. This is a welcomed feeling, since this week’s energy has pulled me inward and into hermit mode. Without going into a full on therapy session for whoever may read this, I want to come back to Resilience and Shifting Perspectives. It’s easy for the person on the outside to tell you what to do to fix your current situation or mood, but as the person going through it, it’s not as clear, in fact it is muddy. Hence why I choose to actively practice changing my perspective. By doing this, I am building resilience in how I handle and approach situations presented to me. Of course, I am not perfect and certainly have not mastered this yet, but that is why I continue to practice. I do have my slip ups, I admit, but I refuse to fall back into old habits and patterns in the long run. Which will bring me to my last thought on this because when I do fall back in to these old patterns, I find that I do not like myself very much. And it’s ok to have the rollercoaster ups and downs of progress, as long as I don’t lose sight of my goal. I know what changes I need to make, but letting go of the familiar and trusting in the unknown and unfamiliar is just so damn hard! If there is ever a time in the far future when I can look back on my life as a movie, I know I will have a lot say haha! But, I guess this is part of the process and why they say experience is better than knowledge.

Posted on 2/22. Here’s to manifesting peace, faith, balance and harmony for all beings everywhere.

Lokah Samsatah Sukhino Bhavantu